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But they’re all cute tho.

No shade but we’ve all been introduced to our boyfriends/boo-thang/cut-butts homies and there is always…ONE. *That* one. That one who insists on sharing his chips with u and has horrid fingernails. Or messes with his nose too much. Or spits a lot but can’t spit so it drops on his shirt or something. Or smells like outdoors, ball-sweat and pepper. And tells the worst jokes accompanied by the worst laugh. That one who’s always like,
“Aye, u got sum friends tho?? Sisters??*throws up shrug hands and flashes rotten-toothed smile*”
And u’re all,
“I don’t have human friends. And I’m an orphan.”

DT just decided to have no parts of that. Nope. They’re all attractive. Physically and personality-wise.

It just depends on what u like.

If you like deep voices, pretty teeth and eyebrows u wanna pass on to ur kids; Rome and Amanuel gotchuuu, bew-bew…

Did u always fantasize abt gettin it in with an action figure??; Well, go say “Hi” to Mike. He’s built like one. AND he’s Jamaican (#Winning)

Hey, do u go for big, dreamy eyes and easy smiles??; Dem Miller boys said “What’s good”..Cam is absolutely adorable and Chaz is sexy as that thaaaang (I kno a chick who spends almost 15 minutes a day on contouring alone to get cheekbones like that and this man just wakes up with that bone structure)

Oh, so u like waves on swim and devilish grins…and juice?? Tay got all that for u. And prolly more.

They’re all handsome.

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    They are all too old for me but they all can get it. Tay is literally the cutest thing, but ‘rome is the man
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    Aside from all the above commentary, I just love them because they are hilarious!
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    Yes .
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    Sometimes I don’t know who I want to love me more… Mike or Jerome.. I also have a thing for Tay but he is sooo short, so...
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    I want all of Mike.
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    this is all true. and i’m absolutely in love with Rome.
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